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Pultrusion/grid resin

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Pultrusion/grid resin

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FX-1200 DCPD 0.35-0.50 7.0-12.0 66-72 Particularly suitable for making FRP profiles.
FX-1201 Ortho-DCPD 0.40-0.50 10.0-15.0 66-72 Suitable for pultrusion process.
FX-1203 Ortho  0.55-0.85 4.0-8.0 64-70 The grid products made from it has good heats resistance,high strength,good toughness . Suitable for pultrusion products and pultrusion anchor production.
FX-1205 Ortho 0.40-0.70 4.0-8.0 59-65 Low viscosity and high reactivity, high heat distortion temperature, good air drving.Used in various alass fiber reinforced molded products.
FX-1208 Ortho 0.55-0.85 4.0-8.0 64-70 High strength,excellent heat and corrosion resistance, excellent permeability and toughness.Used for high-performance glass fiber BWFRP pipes.
FX-1230 Ortho 0.50-0.90 7.0-10.0 65-72 High heat deformation temperature,excellent permeability and toughness.Used for tent poles, fishing rods, braided pipes and other pultrusion products.
FX-1242 Iso 0.45-0.75 6.0-12.0 65-75 Light transparent liquid, fast curing, good fiberglass wetabilty.The grid products made from it has good heats resistance ,high strength,good toughness.
FX-1272 Iso 0.40-0.50 15-25 55-60 Suitable for auto parts, ships and molded products requiring high mechanical strength.It's used in hand lay up, winding, RTM, pultrusion and pouring grid.
FX-1273 Iso 0.70-1.00 8.0-12.0 60-70 High mechanical strength,long fatigue life, high water and chlorine resistance, especially suitable for products that contact water and seawater.
FX-1275 Iso 0.80-1.20 6.0-12.0 55-64 Good wetting, fast curing, good heat and corrosion resistance, and excellent mechanical properties. Suitable for all kinds of FRP pultrusion products.
FX-432 VE 0.40-0.70 10.0-20.0 58-62 Good flexibility, suitable for pultrusion products with high requirements for acid resistance, alkali resistance and organic solvent resistance.
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