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Industrial Self-drying Alkyd Resin

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Industrial Self-drying Alkyd Resin

Model Color Vis
Acid value Solvent Features Scope of application
FX-7501D ≤8# 20000-50000 70±2 ≤12 D40 Low odor, good leveling, fast drying, easy application, good pigment dispersion. Marine Paint, Premium Enamel.
FX-7501 ≤8# 15000-40000 70±2 ≤12 200# Good leveling, fast drying, good pigment dispersion. Marine Paint, Premium Enamel, Alkyd Enamel, Conditioning Paint, Steel Structure Paint.
FX-7503 ≤11# X-Z+
55±2 ≤10 Solvent gasoline, etc.
Mixed solvent
Low cost, good drying, high gloss, good weather and chemical resistance. Alkyd primer, blending paint, enamel paint, anti-rust paint, marine paint, bridge paint, surface decoration coating or functional coating of indoor and outdoor machinery and equipment.
FX-7504 ≤8# Y-Z2
70±2 ≤12 Xylene Fast drying, high hardness, pigment dispersion, good compatibility with chlorinated rubber. Alkyd enamel, road marking paint, marine paint.
FX-7506 ≤6# Z-Z3
60±2 ≤10 Xylene Quick drying, good hardness, high gloss, good water resistance. Insulating paint, self-drying hammer paint.
FX-7507 ≤8# W-Y
55±2 ≤10 Xylene Fast drying, high hardness, easy matting, excellent adhesion. Alkyd quick-drying blending paint, anti-rust paint.
FX-7508 ≤8# 20000-50000 70±2 ≤12 Dearomatization Fast drying, high hardness, low odor, good leveling, easy brushing, good pigment dispersion. Wood Protection Oil, Premium Enamel.
FX-7509 ≤8# 35-50
55±2 ≤12 200#, Xylene Fast drying, high hardness, easy brushing, good pigment dispersion. Advanced enamel, alkyd blend.
FX-CGJ-1 - - - - - Faster drying of alkyd paints. Special drier for long oil alkyd resin.
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