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Odorless Alkyd Resin/Odorless PE Resin

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Odorless Alkyd Resin/Odorless PE Resin

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Acid value Solvent Hydroxyl value
Application Applied range
FX-8305 ≤4# 2500-3500 74-80 ≤30 Styrene - Low odor, good transparency, high hardness, good sandability, good adhesion, high fullness, good anti-sag, strong anti-whitening in cold and heat cycles, etc. Pure taste PE transparent primer, PE black and white primer and other high-grade wood coatings.
FX-6104A ≤3# 25000-50000 70±2 ≤12 Xylene
Toluene, Butyl ester
125±10 It has fast drying performance, high hardness, low odor, good matting, fast polishing, and good toughness. Pure taste PU matte finish, PU pure taste primer.
FX-6108 ≤3# 60000-100000 70±2 ≤12 Xylene 120±10 Good drying performance, high hardness, easy matting, low odor, excellent overall resin performance. PU primer, matte finish.
FX-6801 ≤3# 30000-60000 70±2 ≤12 Xylene 130±10 Low odor residue, fast drying performance, good matting, fast sanding. PPU primer, matte finish.
FX-6806 ≤3# 25000-50000 80±2 ≤12 Xylene
Butyl ester
140±10 Fast drying, excellent hardness, good flexibility, good recoatability, low odor residue. PU Matte Finish.
FX-7501D ≤8# 20000-50000 70±2 ≤12 D40 - Low odor, good leveling, easy to brush, good pigment dispersion Marine paint, premium enamel.
FX-7508 ≤8# 20000-50000 70±2 ≤12 Dearomatization - Fast drying, high hardness, low odor, good leveling, easy brushing, good pigment dispersion. Wood protective oil, high-grade enamel.
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