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Fangxin Company strictly controls the quality according to the policy of strict total quality management and the standards of environmental protection and health. The production environment is clean and environmentally friendly, and the emissions of exhaust gas, waste water, waste and noise all meet the standards.

Quality Control

Quality Policy: scientific management, safe production, sincere service, customer satisfaction.

Quality Goal:

1) The qualified rate of the product ex-factory is ≥98.5%;
2) Delivery according to the contract, on-time delivery rate ≥ 99%;
3) The completion rate of customer quality complaints is 100%;
4) Customer satisfaction ≥ 90%;

Quality Control

1. Design Control
Before the design, try to sample the test as much as possible, and the technician will carry out a scientific and reasonable design according to the specific requirements of the user and the actual situation of the test.
2. Production control
Production must be based on technical documents, and each process must be recorded to ensure product traceability.
3. Inspection control
1) The raw materials are inspected by full-time inspectors.
2) The finished product can only leave the factory and issue an inspection certificate after passing the inspection.

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