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Alkyd Resin For Yellowing Resistant Topcoat

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Alkyd Resin For Yellowing Resistant Topcoat

Model Color Vis
Acid value Solvent Hydroxy value
Features Scope of application
FX-6106 ≤1# 50000-100000 70±2 ≤12 Xylene 105±10 Good weather resistance, good yellowing resistance, high molecular weight, fast drying and good sandability. PU anti-yellowing matte finish, anti-yellowing primer.
FX-6303A ≤1# 20000-60000 70±2 ≤12 Xylene 120±10 High hardness, yellowing resistance, high gloss, good brushability, high fullness. Yellowing resistant PU gloss topcoat, primer and yellowing resistant matte white topcoat, amino paint.
FX-6305 ≤1# 20000-50000 70±2 ≤12 Xylene 120±10 Yellowing resistance, high gloss, good toughness, high fullness. Yellowing resistant gloss finish, amino paint, nitro paint.
FX-6306 ≤1# 20000-50000 70±2 ≤12 Xylene 120±10 Good weather resistance, high gloss, good fullness, fast drying. Yellowing Resistant Gloss Finishes, Acid Curing Paints, Nitro Paints.
FX-6601 ≤2# 30000-50000 70±2 ≤12 Xylene 110±10 Coconut oil acid light color, quick drying, good matting, high hardness, yellowing resistance. Yellowing resistant PU primer, matte finish.
FX-6602 ≤2# 25000-50000 70±2 ≤12 Xylene 110±10 Light color, yellowing resistance, good toughness. Yellowing resistant PU finish.
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