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Heatand Corrosion Resistant Resin

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Heatand Corrosion Resistant Resin

Product Type Vis(Pa.s/25℃) G.T(min) Solid
FX-197 BPA 0.45-0.70 8.0-16.0 57-64 Excellent corrosion resistance,heat distortion temperature, high mechanical properties.Use for making chemical-resistant glass fiber reinforced products.
FX-198 Ortho 0.40-0.70 5.0-10.0 56-65 Good acid resistance and heat resistance, good strength and rigidity. Suitable for FRP products and FRP molds with medium heat resistance requirements.
FX-199 Iso 0.45-0.70 8.0-16.0 57-64 xcellent heat resistance, shock resistance,chemical and electrical properties, and is suitable for all kinds of high heat-resistant FRP products and FRP molds.
FX-X41 XYL 0.40-0.50 5.0-10.0 56-65 Xylene type resin,good corrosion resistance, suitable for glass fiber reinforced plastics, anti-corrosion floors and coatings with high corrosion resistance requirements
FX-3301 BPA 0.45-0.70 8.0-16.0 57-64 Suitable for making corrosion-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes, containers, and other products with higher corrosion resistance requirements.
FX-430 VE 0.30-0.50 10.0-20.0 56-60 Applicable to chemical corrosion resistant FRP products.
FX-470 POLYVINYLESTER 0.40-0.70 15.0-30.0 65-70 Chemical corrosion resistant FRP products suitable for high temperature.
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